Highest Ranked Undergraduate Psychology Programs

Studying a psychology degree can be very helpful one for the students to start their career in dynamic, complex and on the growing field. For many decades, the psychology field has been found to be the most popular and widely chosen undergraduate degree program by the students of United States. Although there are number of reasons for selecting this field enduring the popularity on the college campuses, students may gravitate towards the psychology. For instance, most of the people psychology degree programs cover the area such as mental health, social behavior, criminal deviance, human cognition, biological development and more.

As such these psychology students may find the work in the fields of spanning from criminal justice and healthcare to marketing and they also help for the public relations. Whether you want to keep your options or if you are interested in the psychology career field and for making your career on this then you need to choose the bachelor’s in psychology program. There are number of colleges and universities are available for pursuing the bachelor’s in psychology degree, in which the top psychology colleges and universities are filtered based on determining the top ranking factors of the students looking for while choosing the psychology program.

Top highest ranking colleges for pursuing the undergraduate psychology programs

In this modern world, most of the people are considering many factors for pursuing their schooling and college studies that to mainly consider whether the college tuition fee is affordable one or not. In which students also often look at how willing the institution is to provide the aid to those who are seeking for the bachelor’s degree. To ensure you are pursuing the high quality of education in the college that it can be determined just by checking the accreditation of the institution. If your chosen college is a national accrediting body, then it will be providing you the high quality of the education in the bachelors of psychology programs.

  1. University of California, San Diego – This collage offers the both bachelor of science in psychology programs and bachelors of arts that features courses ranging from adaptive to the maladaptive behaviour, neuropsychology and individual to groups for the lifespan development. In addition to these traditional bachelors of psychology programs the students may also choose the B.S in psychology with the specializations in perception and sensation, human health, cognitive psychology, developmental psychology, clinical psychology and social psychology as well as with the behavioral and cognitive neuroscience.
  2. University of California, Los Angeles – This university offers more than 330 graduate and undergraduate programs in psychology degree, psychobiology and in cognitive science. The bachelor of psychology program is the most general of three courses where this program gives the strong foundation for the graduate students in the psychology program.
  3. Texas A&M University – This collage offers the B.S and B.A in psychology and the requirements of these two programs are found to be identical one in which they differ only on other disciplines. Both of the B.S and B.A degree programs provides the student with necessary skills and the knowledge to pursue other professional fields such as the law and medicine as well as the graduate study in the psychology program.
  4. University of North California – The collages undergraduate program in psychology and it is specifically designed to provide the students with a broad exposure to focus on the statistical and research tools in the contemporary psychological research works. Students may also choose between B.S and B.A in psychology program where they can later require doing the additional coursework in biology, life sciences, math and the physical while the former consists of the greater freedom to pursue the generalized studies in the psychology programs.
  5. University of Michigan – It is the oldest university in the state and it offers he generalized bachelor’s degree in psychology as well as the more specific major in the field of cognition, neuroscience and biopsychology. The main goal of their generalized program is to enhance the students understanding behavioural science as well as the other concepts on the research development study.
  6. Dartmouth College – If you are interested in pursuing the psychology program in this university then you will be a lucky and gifted person. This is because here the university provides the space for the students to learn cognitive and cognition neuroscience, cognitive and social development learning, behavioral disorders, social interaction, psychological basis of behavior, perception and sensation. The students are also required to complete three elective papers along with the laboratory course and culminating experience in the psychological science in order to graduate.
  7. Washington University, St. Louis –Here the students focus on the five core areas of the psychology study that includes the neurological/biological bases of the behaviour, personality/social psychology, affective/abnormal psychology, lifespan development, cognition and behaviour. Here to pursue the bachelor’s psychology program the students are required to apply on the course in which they are interested where this is done through the 150-hour internship as well as with the practicum in the applied behaviour analysis of the psychology program.
  8. Columbia University –It is the oldest higher education institution in New York City. Here the students may pursue a bachelor’s degree in psychology as well as the major in behaviour and neuroscience. The students can pursue the psychology degree that includes the personality and social psychology, medicine, business law, abnormal psychology, neuroscience, perception, psychobiology and cognition. The students who are pursuing in this university must complete the 30 or more points to earn the bachelor’s degree in psychology and the students who get qualified will be having the opportunity to participate in psychology research field.
  9. University of Chicago –It is the private psychology institution that is running in Chicago and it is a non-profit research university that is composed of with interdisciplinary committees. The university offers various types of graduate programs and undergraduate bachelor psychology programs with the five sub-fields course such as developmental psychology, social psychology, perception and sensation, biological psychology and cognitive psychology.
  10. University of California, Davis – Here the college offers the bachelors of psychology program, that are specifically designed for the students who are looking for the greatest freedom to choose the psychology courses and the university also provides thee foreign language component. In this university the undergraduate psychology program is emphasized in biology that includes the core biological psychology components as well as with the wide range of science courses.

These above universities that offer the undergraduate psychology programs are found to be the highest ranking institutions in the world for providing the high quality of the psychology programs in the standard manner. Each of the institutions provide the different kinds of the bachelor’s psychology programs, each universities charge different tuition fees for these different programs, but the course period is found to be same in all the institutions. These universities also hold the research program where the students can pursue the research program where the students can pursue the bachelor’s psychology degree is these psychology program universities.