Universities Known for Psychology Research

Psychology is the study of the human and mind behavior and while pursuing this degree students will learn about the feelings that the human experiences, how they interact with others and what motivates them. Many psychology graduates will go on with the psychologist profession, however the degree in psychology can also lead to the careers in social work, legal profession or in the childcare. There are number of psychology universities are available all over the world where more than quarter of the psychology universities that comes in the overall rankings are 136 universities and these are US universities. The next most represented and popular country for the psychology degree is UK where it holds 69 universities then comes to the Australia, Germany and Canada with 28, 26 and 24 psychology program universities respectively.

Top 15 universities known for the psychology research program

Psychology is one of the most popular bachelor’s degree in the world and this degree program ranks among the top 3 majors at the undergraduate level and it offers the students an increasing diverse career paths as various industries are being developed over time. As many numbers of students are very much interested in pursuing their degree in psychology, there is a growing need to illuminate the best degree program for earning their undergraduate level so that they get a head start in their interested and professional career as psychologist to help the human beings in various purposes. Below are the top 15 universities known for the psychology research program where these universities are chosen based on the factors. The factors mainly include overall ranking of the psychology university, quality of the psychology department and faculties, internship and research opportunities available to do the psychology major subjects, competitiveness and the success rates of university in the psychology majors in the degree program.

  1. Stanford University – It is internationally recognized institution for pursuing the psychology degree programs where it provides the space for the students for research and innovation projects and also provides an excellent quality of higher undergraduate program in psychology. By just focusing on the college life from the social gathering to the academics the Stanford University has itself sets apart with the particularly low Greek life involvement and it holds the greatest rates of the participation in the scholastic groups. Stanford University offers an excellent psychology program and it is worldwide renowned as a hub place for the psychological research where it also offers the psychology majors wealth of the unique opportunities to the students. The major division areas of the psychology program offered by the Stanford university are social and developmental, emotional science, neuroscience and cognitive psychology.
  2. Yale University –Yale is both a large research and small college university that is often cited as to be one of the top schools and institution in United States. The Yale University is surrounded by the powerful research faculties and prestigious graduate schools, moreover it offers the students a great atmosphere to pursue their scientific studies. The overall prestige and quality of the university is coupled with its incredible psychology programs and research opportunities with the high success rates comparing to other universities. The primary research areas of Yale are neuroscience, cognitive psychology, developmental psychology, social psychology and clinical psychology.
  3. Harvard and Radcliffe colleges – It is one of the oldest private universities that offer the variety of the psychology programs to the students and it has houses a library with the largest and oldest collection of psychology books, reference, literatures and journal research papers for students. The Harvard University has the psychology department which is extremely rich and has the prestigious history that included famous figureheads such as Williams James, Gordon Allport, Henry Murray, B.F. Skinner, George Miller and Jerome Bruner. While Harvard is one of the most competitive schools in the country that provides the high quality of education and psychology undergraduate programs to the students.
  4. University of Pennsylvania –The University of the Pennsylvania is famous for its roundness and quality of education they provide to the students. The university contains the “star faculties’ of psychology program and they make the university as an international force in the psychology science and also make the students as a prime candidate for pursuing psychology undergraduate program. The faculty has also divided their psychology research program into the two broad categories namely cognitive, brain and decision science and social psychology, positive, clinical.
  5. Universities of Michigan, Ann Arbor – It is a highest ranking public institution that claims to have the best education in the psychology program in America. The university of Michigan also offers more than 900 students organization in which the psychology department has contain the average faculty members where they have been recognized for decades as one of the most productive and innovative programs in the country.
  6. University of Minnesota, Twin Cities – The university of Minnesota is a public institution that offers a several high ranking colleges in offering the undergraduate psychology programs and the university also holds the research excellence department and research programs that offers the students a remarkable opportunity to collaborate with the professional psychologist and develop their skill and knowledge in psychology field.
  7. University of California, Berkley – The University contains 1200 student organization and they maintain one of the strongest psychology departments in the country. The department faculties of psychology programs provide the chance to collaborate with the breaking projects on plasticity, clinical science, brain, cognition, behavioral neuroscience, social personality psychology, change and cognition.
  8. Columbia University – This University offers the undergraduate psychology major in the broad spectrum of course topics and often it has become an involved with the research program. The faculty at Columbia are boasting both awards in the teaching and research excellence and they also encourage the students in interdisciplinary research collaboration with other psychology departments that includes psychiatry, marketing, business management, fMRI research center biology.
  9. John Hopkins university –The university offer the students the chance to participate and witness in the ground breaking research in which the smaller size of the department provides the deeper and greater collaboration and interaction between the undergraduate students and faculties. Comparing to other psychology universities the John Hopkins University provides the 10 times greater research facilities to the students.
  10. University of Chicago – It is a well-known private psychology university that ranks top 5 in the national college rankings and the university also offers the students a unique avenues of preparation for the students to start their career as psychologist before the completion of psychology course.
  11. University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign –The research activity of the University of Illinois psychology department is distinctively its strongest component where it provides the high quality of education to the psychology students. The research activity of the psychology department is reportedly very high and it offers the students an excellent chance to get the first-hand experience in dealing with the human’s behaviour and mind.
  12. University of California, San Diego – The university offer two types of department for studying in the psychology a bachelor of science (B.S) and bachelor of Arts (B.A) to suit individual aspirations. The two psychology degree programs emphasis the experimental and theoretical analysis of the animal and human behaviour and study of the human mind.
  13. University of California, Los Angeles – This university is a public institution with a unique key psychology department that offers a three tracks of the undergraduate study in the psychology program such as cognitive science (B.S), Psychology (B.A) and psychobiology (B.S). The university also offers the course in other specialization in the department that includes the learning and memory, cognition, personality, animal behaviour, measurement, social, community, clinical, health, motivation and perception psychology.
  14. Indiana University, Bloomington – The University offers the two major courses in psychology where the students will be learning the broad spectrum of the topics such as the intelligence, thought and behaviour. The neuroscience majors are groomed for the graduate work in the medical school, neuroscience or in other careers in biotechnology.
  15. University of Colorado, Boulder – The university is the home to the rapidly growing department of neuroscience and psychology, that offers the undergraduates research opportunities on the cutting edge of the areas that includes the behavioural genetics, social and cognitive psychology, behavioural neuroscience and clinical psychology. The psychology department offers the two majors subjects neuroscience and general psychology and also encourage the students in multidisciplinary study.

The above psychology universities are selected to be top universities for pursuing the psychology program, while the above list is created to highlight that the best undergraduate psychology programs usually stem from thee psychology departments and curses that also offer the graduate level of the study in better or equal quality. If you are going to pursue the psychology undergraduate degree program, then you can choose one from the above universities where you will be getting the best quality of the higher psychology program. You need to analyze all the colleges for your better future and choose the one based on your convenience.